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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q. How do I know if my windows can be restored?
    A. If they are original to the structure and have lasted to this point with surface deterioration (broken glass, paint & glaze breakdown, sash damage), they can be restored.

  • Q. What are the parts of a window?
    A. The frame that holds the glass is the sash. The sash is composed of rails (horizontal pieces) and stiles (vertical pieces) that hold the glass be it one or many pieces. The divided lites are within the frame and fastened with mortise and tenon construction.

  • Q. Should I replace the locks and latches on my window?
    A. Original hardware is better than what is available today. If it works, clean it, if does not, fix it and put it back.

  • Q. Are storm windows necessary?
    A. A correctly installed storm window protects the window it covers and contributes to energy conservation without distracting from the design or the opening.

  • Q. Does it cost more to restore a window than to replace it?
    A. With proper maintenance a restored window that has lasted 50-200 years or more will last another 50-200 years. It is comparable in cost to a replacement window that will last from 7-10 years and then will have to be replaced again and again.

  • Q. What are lites in reference to windows?
    A. Lites or panes are the number of individual pieces of glass within a sash. For example, some windows are 6 over 6, 6 over 1, 2 over 1, 2 over 2, or 12 over 12.

  • Q.How is glass measured?
    A. Horizontal is the first number and the vertical measurement is second, as in 6" x 8".

  • Q.Does paint color influence the durability of a restored window?
    A. Yes. Lighter shades absorb less damaging sunlight than darker shades.

  • Q. I do not open the top sash. Is it okay that painters painted it closed?
    A. This is a definite no. It is never a good idea to paint a window closed. It is the painter's responsibility to leave windows functioning fully after priming and painting. It does not save energy to seal windows with paint.


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