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Why Restore Your Windows

Why Restore

  • Consider restoring your windows rather than replacing them!

  • Windows that are original to your home or business have lasted anywhere from 50-100 years or longer. Why replace them with windows that will last 7-10 years?

  • Through a careful process that utilizes a steam box that resembles a pizza oven, Linda is able to preserve the original glass and strip away years of paint and glaze.

  • Linda repairs any damage to the window. She replaces old rusting nails with wooden dowels that work organically with the original wood.

  • Linda then sets the window glass and reglazes the windows and finishes with priming and painting.

  • Linda uses the WRS steam box that is the same one used in restoring the windows at the White House.

  • Restored windows will last another 50-100 years or longer if properly maintained. They will also help maintain the integrity of the original structure.

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